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We have been presented with a huge need for a revolutionary school that will not only help all learners find success, but will also educate students with 21st century skills. Since the mid-1800’s, virtually everything about life in the United States has changed — except education. It’s no secret that America’s students are falling behind, and it’s not surprising when you consider that our teaching methods are based on the needs of the Industrial Revolution, rather than the demands of today’s modern global economy. At The Key to Learning (TK2L), we propose to change that. 

We are a passionate, committed team of educators who are eager to bring education into the 21st century. We have experienced time and time again how an alarming majority of students are falling through the cracks in traditional education, and we are excited to offer a rigorous, college- and career- preparatory curriculum that is taught in an atmosphere that is accessible to all learners (TK2L will be mainly serving our students living with Autism and other challenges). 

Our approach is founded on the following critical factors:

Collaboration – teachers and students operate in an environment that lends itself to teamwork and communication. Students become partners in learning, rather than competitors, which fosters a richer learning environment and higher rate of student success. 

Critical Thinking – Gone are the days when rote memorization was the only skill students needed to succeed. The Key to Learning emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving, preparing our students to thrive in today’s workforce. 

Creativity and Innovation – Our students are taught to think outside the box, to approach learning from all sides. We achieve this by offering choices, allowing students to demonstrate mastery of a subject through a variety of learning styles. When students are given the opportunity to imagine new ways of doing things and testing their own theories, you’ll find that the depth of learning is infinitely more than when they are expected to simply sit still, memorize, and repeat. 

21st Century Skills – if today’s students are expected to succeed in tomorrow’s careers, they must learn the key skills necessary to thrive. Leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and innovation are just a few of the skills they will develop at the Key to Learning – and these will prepare them for a lifetime of success. 

In order to achieve our goal of preparing all students to succeed, we must create a learning environment that is accessible to all learning styles. We do this by providing strategic learning spaces where students can collaborate, focus, communicate, share, create, and be comfortable while doing so. Our classroom co-op environment is modeled after the ever-growing “coworking space” concept found in today’s most thriving workplaces.