September 2022

Another school year is well underway, and our Key Kids have made an excellent start! Last month, we held our initial MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessments. These assessments tell our teachers exactly what each student has mastered, and what they are ready to learn next. Our students displayed great growth in every class, and we are so proud of them! Individual MAP scores will be made available to parents soon.

You may have noticed some changes to our Administration. Dr. Nyman is now Headmaster at The Key, with Mrs. Platé serving as Principal under her. We also welcome two new Assistant Principals to the team: Mrs. McGill now serves the Elementary team and Ms. Kanikovsky serves the Secondary. Mr. Winn remains our IT Director, and Ms. Dawn Young supports The Key as Administrator.

Scripture Focus

“But that doesn’t​ mean you should all look and speak and act the same. Out of the generosity of Christ, each of us is given his own gift.” (Ephesians 4:7, MSG) 

This verse is our guiding Scripture at The Key. Our vision is centered on the truth that God has gifted each of our students uniquely, and called them for the individual purpose for which He created them.

A Prayer from the Principal

Heavenly Father,

We thank You for all You are doing at The Key. We are excited for students to meet You in this school. May Your Holy Spirit be ever present in our school and our hearts as we continue this school year. We ask for provision and peace over every family at The Key in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!